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The Technical Youth Career Outreach Project (TYCOP) is an initiative of the Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation (OFNTSC). TYCOP encourages career choices that create future capacity in areas that are vital to First Nation operations. TYCOP spotlights young professionals (Role Models) from Ontario First Nations to promote careers in engineering, infrastructure, housing, environment, water/wastewater, fuel, operations/maintenance, communications, mining and trades.

The Technical Youth Career Outreach Project (TYCOP) empowers First Nation youth to pursue careers in science, technology, mining and trades. TYCOP aims to promote careers in areas  which help create future capabilities for  First Nations. TYCOP attends career fairs and community events; and produces various media, showcasing careers choices that provide professional and personal growth and stability and capacity for generations to come.



Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation (OFNTSC) began operations in 1995, under a mandate from Ontario First Nations’ Chiefs in Assembly, to provide advisory and technical support services to all 133 First Nations in Ontario. The OFNTSC also services 16 Tribal Councils, 6 Large First Nations, 12 Southern Unaffiliated First Nations and Nine Northern Unaffiliated First Nations.

OFNTSC continues to foster knowledge based self-reliance for all First Nations people through hands on training and advice as requested while encouraging youth to pursue higher education in technology and engineering.

OFNTSC pursues its efforts in capacity building and technology transfer through renewed funding agreements with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada. It also consults regularly with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Health Canada, Environment Canada and the Ministry of the Environment (Ontario), Public Works and Government Services Canada as well as Human Resources and Social Development Canada.

The Corporation maintains strategic alliances with other Aboriginal groups, including the Assembly of First Nations and the Chiefs of Ontario, provincial and municipal governments and professional associations as necessary.

OFNTSC provides services through a full complement of engineering and technical staff, as well as administrative, managerial and communications personnel, from two service centres in Thunder Bay and Toronto.

It provides technical and advisory support services for architecture, capital project planning and development, bulk fuel training, operations and maintenance, fire safety, environmental engineering, water and wastewater quality and housing. It also oversees training and certification processes, housing code compliance inspection and quality assurance initiatives.

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