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Mining and Trades

  • Top Salaries
  • Huge demand
  • Chance to earn-while-you-learn as an apprentice or paid co-op
  • Mobility
  • Be your own boss
  • Adventure
  • Transferrable skill set
  • Advanced technology
  • Travel

It is estimated by year 2020, the Canadian mining industry will have to hire 100,000 new workers, and Skilled Trades will need at least a million!

Mining and Trades are booming sectors of the Canadian Economy. With large amounts of workers entering into retirement age, the demand for young skilled employees is at an all-time high. Both Mining and Trades offer assurances of great pay and career climbing opportunities that allow workers the opportunity to work and live almost anywhere – quickly!

 [Media Planet: Huge career opportunities await our youth, September 2010; The Globe and Mail, Ottawa planning budget measures to tackle shortage of skilled trades, March 1, 2013]

Why Mining?

Firstly, mining is one of the highest paying industrial sectors in Canada and with more than 120 different occupations associated with mining, combined with a country rich with natural resources, metals and minerals, Mining is a profession that will never grow old. Canadian Mining is globally known for its use of advanced technology, productivity environmental stewardship and safety record. Training and working in Mining offers a skill set that is easily transferable inside and outside the industry. The stability of the industry, the transferable skill sets make mining very attractive to young people. Some First Nations embrace mining as it offers training, employment, economic and social benefits to community members and young people.

Why Trades?

More than 200 careers in Construction, Motive Power, and Industrial Trades drive our economy and society; and they pay great, offer fast advancement, and offer the chance to even start your own business. Skilled Trade workers design, build, and fix the homes we live in and the cars we drive. They operate power systems and machines that keep infrastructure working and much more.  Skilled trades offer hands-on, instant experience of apprenticeships, on-the-job training and certification that allows you to ‘earn while you learn’ and be ready for employment right away.