We have a wide range of professional First Nations mentors who are experts in their respective technical fields. Whether you’re interested in a career in water & wastewater, environmental science, trades, housing, or more, we’ve got you covered. Rest assured we take picking our Mentors very seriously…

  • We search for mentors with educational qualifications and professional competence in their technical fields.
  • Police checks for all mentors as our mentees are under 18
  • Orientation training that covers the basics of mentoring, the importance of the program and their role
There are some amazing mentors that make up our community



Who can participate ?

This program is open and accessible to all First Nations youth, from grades 7 – 12, who are residing in Ontario. It’s geared towards students that have an interest in or learning more about careers in a technical or STEM field. If you’re not sure if you qualify, reach out to us at [email protected] or check out our Frequently Asked Questions document.





Career Finder Quiz

If you’re unsure about which technical career is right for you, have no fear! We’ve designed a quiz to help you identify your key interests, habits, skills, and personal qualities that will match you with the perfect technical career. We also have a full list of careers we consider to be vital for the future technical self-reliance of First Nations in Ontario. To see our list of technical careers, click here. (list from social media schedule)



Benefit of having mentor

Among youth who are mentored,

  • 17% are more likely to be employed.
  • 13% have higher earnings
  • 50% are more likely to volunteer
  • Over 45% achieve senior leadership positions (Stats Mentoring Canada)
  • 80% of adults who had a mentor said they pursue healthy lifestyles – Boston Consulting Group SROI Study 2013
  • Are more likely to be committed to their career
  • Have a better understanding of what to expect
  • Get more satisfaction from their career
  • Are more optimistic about advancement in their career
As an Indigenous organization, our priority is First Nations youth in Ontario. As the fastest growing demographic is it important to support our youth with as many resources and opportunities as possible that help them in achieving their academic, career and life goals. Through relationships we hope to broaden perspectives, increase opportunities and strengthen communities for everyone.



Why mentorship

Here at the Technical Youth Career Outreach Project, we are always looking for amazing mentors to connect with First Nations youth. That’s why we look for mentors who are also Indigenous themselves, so that they can relate to the life experience of our mentees. Our mentors are also required to be experts of, or currently working in, a technical service area such as solid waste management, water treatment plant operations, environmental science, and more. We also aim to elevate female role models and mentors in these areas to demonstrate the importance of women working in STEM careers. If you’re an Indigenous person working in a technical service area in Ontario, consider joining our group of mentors and make a difference in the lives of First Nations youth!




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